about me


I am an Iranian artist. I attended school of Architecture . In addition to interior design , painting and sculpture works for 10 years. I also had several art exhibitions in galleries of Tehran and other cities and have my paintings and other art works for sale in several stores in the country. Also I have my own art institute and teach painting and sculpture to students. Most of my works are inspired by persian women. If you have any questions about my work , send me a message. I always have work available for exhibition and sale.

” 1- The first individual exhibition of paintings in Fakhredin Asad Gorgani Hall in 2008.
2- The second exhibition of solo paintings in the Hall of Fardin Asad Gorgani in 2010.
3- The first group exhibition of volumes in Assood Gorgani's Hall of Fame in 2011.
4- The third individual exhibition of volume in Kamal al-Adin Behzad's gallery in Tehran in 2011.
5- Receiving the honorary plate from Shamim Bahar Photography Competition in 2013.
6- The second group exhibition of Digital Art & decorative art in the Hall of Fardin Asad Gorgani in 2018. ”

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